Investor Fact Sheet

  • Tightly held Share Structure
    • 16% of shares held by board and management and >69% held by top 20 shareholders;
    • Team focused on low overheads and maximising exploration expenditure.
  • Experienced Management with proven Exploration Experience
  • Highly Prospective Guiana Shield
    • Targeting same Greenstone style systems hosting >350m oz Au in West Africa;
    • Similar maturity of exploration as West Africa more than 10 years ago.
  • Two Major Gold Projects in Guyana
  • Good Infrastructure
    • Alicanto focuses on high prospectivity, bulk tonnage targets located in areas with existing or readily developed infrastructure to support mining;
    • Arakaka Gold project area is located within 15km of a deep water port, has multiple daily commercial flights into the region, Existing all weather road network, and existing 55 man camp;
    • Ianna Gold Project has an existing airstrip, developed river landing proximal to exploration activity, and an existing 30 man camp.
  • Favourable Jurisdiction
    • South America’s only English speaking country;
    • Legal system based in English Common Law;
    • Existing Social Licence to operate;
    • Government open to foreign investment.
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